Monday, August 29, 2011

Rain Rain...

Its raining... and its not just raining... there is also thunder and lightening... easily among the most beautiful things that I have ever seen.

Labelled for Nothing

It started raining around the time of iftar... beautiful... but this is not about that... its about the message I got after iftar... it was a one word message, from my younger brothers friend... he's kinda like my friend too - but since he is younger, I can't actually reveal the true me to him - that not being the point... the point being the content of the message.

The message simply stated 'muftay'  and naturally I inquired as to the location and timing to the alleged mufta being organized some where in the vicinity of the neighborhood... it turned out I was being accused of being at one... and I was like 'whaaaa...', upon subsequent inquiry I found out that I had been allegedly spotted at the iftari at the neighborhood mosque...

Upon more inquiry, it turned out that I had also been spotted at the sehri at the mosque as well, a few days ago (the menu was actually tempting that sehri... it included kunay ka ghost, phirni, til walay naan, and coke...)... I was actually thinking of going since I had learned through reliable sources that around mid-nite the management of the mosque would be serving refreshments from a gourmet bakery, and after that the people praying in the mosque will be able to choose freely from among the different varieties of tea available (doodh patti, green tea, and kashmiri chai) ... unlimited refills...

But the point is, I did not go... in fact I have not been to the mosque since jummat-ull-wida... all of these allegations being levied on me are baseless...

On an unrelated note, '10 books the screwed up the world' is a good read... even though it is a conservative book

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun I think It is

The latest statement by Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza... I really really think its fun-ny... the joke about rehman malik was off the charts.. ye aese shaks hai jo saib kha raha ho ga aur aap pocho gay kiya kha rahy ho, tu bolay ga kela kha raha hoon... epic truly epic man... the political standings and other stuff really I am not paying attention to at this moment... they may be serious to the point where blood will flow in the streets of the city, but truly really... from a neutral perspective... the whole thing was fun... like an awesome trailer for a summer block buster that is sure to disappoint you, but the trailer is awesome...

PS: for the actual statement and stuff watch a pakistani news channel or search the web... I am just enjoying the moment too much to actually analyze what was said politically....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blink, Sick

I got sick after going for iftar with friends... being sick also makes one become more aware of the disparity and differences that are present in the world, the hypocrisy of people becomes apparent... the differences of the gender are highlighted... gender... honestly... if you are a guy, go snif once in public (public being the so-called friends), and you get to hear comments like "hogaya tera iftar", "ghaleez insan", "marja", "thoo"... and when people do not have courage to say anything they just move away and continue to ignore you for the rest time they or you are there... and God forbid if you happen to cough, aese dekhaingay jaisy abhe marnay walay ho... BUT... But if you are a girl and you go snif... the comments, they change to something like "awww... hw u feelin", "kiya hoa tabiyat kharaab hai", "leave the class, aram karo", "bechara baccha", "dawae lee" and so on and so forth the list is endless... let the girl cough... people flock around her, especially some guys... matlb cha kya rahy ho, thokay who tm pay...

Isi waja say ye mulk taraqqi nae kar raha...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have not changed

I have not changed that much... I thought I had, but I have not...

I can inspire me, but I can't motivate me... I am still as lame as ever ;) :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Put the pieces together,
The broken windmill is weathered,
In this light, in the blight,
You talk about love at fist sight,

You see and you wink,
Can you even make link,
Follow the chains through the lane,
They lead to the pain,

The pieces in the jigsaw, fall together,
All together, tethered to the feathers,
Of the fallen angels, they are battered,
Bleeding, pleading, dying they made a wish,

Do you really wanna make that,
Wish come true, in life and in death,
It ain't that beautiful, the agony, the pain,
In a golden pot they brew together,

While the people, kill and maim,
They laugh together, the fools,
Together forever, they think,
They last forever, their bonds are frail, 

The pieces in the jigsaw, fall together,
All together, tethered to the feathers,
Of the fallen angels, they are battered,
Bleeding, pleading, dying they made a wish,

The wishing well has all dried up,
And still you think,
Throwing pennies is gonna fill it up,
To brim, with your wishes,

For all this pain, there ain't no gain,
No one gains, even those who maim,
Their bonds, their links,
The chains are broken to bits,

In the blood soaked night,
Their prayers gonna rise up to Hell,
The charred souls, the crackled bones,
They are all gonna fall in to place,
And the pieces of the jigsaw, fit together.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I passed I passed... failed in one paper, audit, but at least I passed law and tax :D

On an unrelated note, strike and a political protest and another something tomorrow... and also someone said something on the TV about the government and something, didn't watch, just heard the anchor say,"app k khayal mein yehi hal hai?" so yea, that is about it

Reading Through

I was reading through my blog - its kind of a crypt with parts of my psyche cyberised - and I looked at my profile pic, it looks like an impossibility in the present environment and yet its not more than a year or so old... considering the rate of change of the environment of the city, I have actually fallen behind in terms of change...

The muffler around my face, its cause of the cold, its not cause I was going to rob anything... now I'd rather freeze than look suspicious... the night when this was taken, I remember me and my friends stayed outside till morning, we burned a half cut tree that we found lying about... we sat in an under construction building for about an hour due to the cold... that's the kind of half arsed gathering plans we made... now... nothing now... And the most fun thing about our gathering, everyone had different ideologies - social, political, economic, religious - but we didn't fight... Yaaaaaaaar, we planned to make a parody of the ghost hunting show that came on some channel... we even had the script, the characters, the resources... bas dobara gathering nae ho pae...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gladly Dying

Broken into pieces, scattered about,
The blood soaked hands, caress the heart,
Rain drops fallen, all about the corpse,
The jesters now gather, to have their jest,

Just think about, the world,
The strangest place, in the world,
The world, it should be burned,
The ashes all thrown about,

All the things, the people think about,
Broken, they will lie about,
In mimicking the blade, torn to pieces,
Gladly dying, burning in the rubble.


Tried to think of something cheerful to write, could only come up with this... disappointed I am in Me...

No Iftar

Ama says I can't go to have iftar with my friends... I know the city is becoming hell and all that shit, but you can't stop life... especially when its right after the result... result on 22nd August, I planned the iftar to ensure that if I passed i enjoyed and if a do not pass I get to share my sorrow... plus there is also the fact that its more fun to insult someone just when they have been insulted by some officious entity... What the hell yaaaarrr....

And also, there was going to be a pointless protest at civic center, I wonder how that went... since I didn't hear anything nor did any of my friends report on that I am guessing its going good with a few people gathered with nothing better to do...

This is depressing... I think I should start with namaz ....

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Okay so here is the thing, its been on my mind for the time since the killings started. For those who are unaware (and for myself at a later point in time), the city was is in a state of disturbia

This part is not bothering me, the present situation is bothering me... on a different level.... the humanitarian aspect is there... people are being killed... no doubt... but you see, there is a pattern to every thing...

... let me put it simply... these killings I do not get, their purpose, their targets... it can't be an all out war against humanity...

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Woman in Black

During afternoon tea
There's a shift in the air
A bone trembling chill
That tells you she's there
There are those who believe the whole town is cursed
But the house in the marsh is by far the worst
But she wants this unknown
But she always comes back
The spectre of darkness
The woman in black
Bloody awesome ain't it... heard that in the trailer for the movie... This I intend to watch, just hope it doesn't disappoint.

Ring My Bell

That is what I accidentally set as my ring tone, and in the month of Ramadan... darn it... that automatic copy tone function is a bad bad thing...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not that Amused

The book, a confederacy of dunces is amusing in its own right, but it is not my type of comedy. The book invokes situational comedy by describing a comical situation and rather simple and plain language. I was hoping for this book too to be like the Hitchhikers Guide, simple situations were were in a amusing language thus making even the most absurd and at times sad situations appear comical. While the book may be a master piece in its own right, I found it dullish... it was interesting at first, that not that much...

On another unrelated note, I kinda sorta restarted work... and yea, result on monday...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am happy, content and empty headed... Just found a book 'A Confederacy of Dunces'... relaxing, really

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ahhh... the Memories

A friend's message just reminded me something that used to happen when I was little... I used to celebrate independence day with full zeal... Me and my brother used to decorate the house with the jhandiyan and the before 14th August on the night of 13th August the rain would ruin them all... back then it would be really frustrating... but now after all these years... its a pleasant memory... and now that its raining... a really really beautiful one...


I got an awesome view of the rain but I gots no camera to take the pics.... and the friend who does take pictures ain't not talking to me.... darn.... life... the rain... the thunder... the lightening... the awesomeness of it all....


Its an andhi. Period.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Independence day II

Today I saw my elder cousin wearing a independence day bade on him just cause his son asked him to do so... do children really change people?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Haiku VI

چھپکلی، چھپکلی کا بچا، چلتا گیا
ٹوٹی دیوار سے گر گیا، 
مر گیا. 

PS: I know this one is kinda sorta lame. It just came to me when I was talking to a friend who was feeling down, and this just appeared like something non-serious in a serious talk... cheery actually, if you do not read too much into it...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nonswine Pork

I was going to write 'wait for it' in a dramatic manner as a title then I though that could be said in the head, better... so yea, I just saw this article about... yea well it was funny, and astounding, and troubling at the same time. Okay, so there is this company or rather a group of people who have claim to have made... (this is interesting)... non-alcoholic wine.

This literally means they made alcohol without alcohol... it reminds me of the advertisement I once saw about Tata Salt... false advertising that was, plain and simple... the ad claimed that pure salt dissolves in pure water, that was false... salt needs impurity to dissolve in water, that salt vanished in a few seconds. These guys simply just claim, and all they have a certificate for that claim, that their wine is nonalcoholic and that's that, just that....

This nonalcoholic alcohol thing, I am hoping to be an elaborate hoax...a very elaborate hoax... or else whats next... kosher pork...seriously, I liked the world black and white...

Go Here to Check the Wine out...

Mental note: write post on the clergy and their smartassness