Friday, September 30, 2011

Annual Dinner

The annual dinner is on Saturday, should I go or not that is the question... its gonna be a small event... almost all of the institute is participating in one thing or the other... its gonna be fairly small and from my past experiences, this is going to be extremely mundane... hmm... it think I'll ask my friends on Saturday what the plan is...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

problems, when they come

I didn't have any problems of concern as such. Apart from the usual bickering in my head and the usual stuff, there really wasn't any problem. Well even this isn't a problem, its just something that came up. You know the projects I did earlier, their results came out and they failed... I was like... I mean how could they fail... the ones before them went good. I have asked for the detailed report... lets see...

On an extremely related note, I just found out that I had an account on one of those online payment sites like PayPal. Yea, I had an account and I didn't even know about it... so yea that was shocking and disturbing. I've mailed their tech support to about the situation... again, lets see...

On an unrelated note, I have polished my skills of making an omelet to the point that they are now excellent :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Haiku VIII

Learning a lesson from master time,
'tis enough to last a life of mine,
'cause I just drank a glass of brine.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A huff and a puff

A good huff and a puff, this is all it takes to rid of and kill all your problems for the time being, that is until they are resurrected and revived using a combination of nanotechnology and your own idiocy.  Its your own idiocy that plays a major part, the nanotechnology is just cause of a article on that I was reading...

So yea, just take a huff and then puff and all of your worries just go away... mind you, this only happens if your are eating plain "sandwiches" with your friends. Real friends. Not people who you simply handout with. Friends.

PS: you get the reference ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Bread and Beggar

A blind beggar was once asked:
Of what stuff are the moon and stars
The beggar smiled and shook his head:
God bless you, sir, the answer is only bread.
For, the poor know no planets, no stars
The thought of food our vision mars
When the belly is empty, nothing feels good
No taste for pleasure, only a craving for some food.
The hungry cannot commune with God nor live the pious way.
Bread alone inspires him to worship and to pray.

It’s for food that some go strangely dressed.
Some won’t bathe and let their hair grow unchecked.
Another wears a kerchief tied around his head:
All clever stratagems, all tricks are only for bread!

Interestingly, I found this on facebook...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I thinks its a cyclical expression. The symptoms include social withdrawal, anxiety, increased aggressiveness, edginess, and mental exhaustion. Now only the cause of these remains to be found. Also there is a manifestation of this in the form of physical pain which dies with the cause.

Monday, September 19, 2011

If I ever wrote fiction

This is what it would be like...

Reading into the life of the average man, it can be easily observed that the capitalist has the strongest and the most vile hold among all the other cretins of darkness that are to be found among the offspring of men. The religious bigots come in only after the capitalists. While the religious leeches suck any of the creative tendencies that may lie in the human beings in their early years, the capitalists go a step beyond and coax humanity into not only selling the capitalists their assets, but their selves as well. The interesting fact about this, is that the human is happy in selling his being at a cheap price to the capitalist - a being no longer human but a slithering squirming disease. These diseases must be cured, by any means necessary.


When we look at all the disillusions that man kind has suffered from, communism appears to be the most severe. The communist thinks that what he preaches is for the good of humanity. He believes that he will pave way for a better economic future for all of humanity. What that moron does not understand is the fact that humanity is not motivated simply by the premise of helping a another human, rather humanity is motivated by selfish desires and wants. Another disillusion that is becoming troublesome is that of the irreligious. These proud fools believe that they alone can manipulate the matter around, they believe that the universe is at there beck and call. Both of these, and others along with them, must be eradicated.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Facebook and Twitter

I wrote a post and then I deleted it cause it was something that I was outraged about... atifaslamconcertwithgunsnrosesthegreatesteventinpakistanihistory... and it also messed up my mind for a while... then I got over the fact... it is what it is... moving on...

I just discovered that facebook is evil, it really is... the privacy settings just keep changing, it a pain in the ass to get though them and the decentralized security feature just sucks... its evil I tell you, extremely evil...

On a totally related note, twitter is also extremely distracting, I end up wasting a lot of time there, and the local feed makes my head spin... but its good for other things... I learned about the scarlet johansson there and also about miss egypt... and lately I learned the local view about dengue there... seriously what is with our intellectuals, they lost it or something I think...

On an unrelated note, I was gonna go to this gannay k juice wala... but had to cancel cause a friend was stuck at office and we were short of a ride. Thats not the truth, in reality, we were not a mood to spend money and needed him so he could pay for the gannay ka juice... Yaar still a 100 more words to go on that assignment...

Funny Post

I came across the link to a post on twitter... --> this is a funny post

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sick and tired and hopelessly drawn,
The purpose of life seems forlorn,
Torn between the raging fires,
There seems to be life between the pyres,
Fire and earth, to ash be turned,
Between their strife, my soul be burned,
As water from the heavens pours,
The common man be filled with sores,
Life it seems is an unkind mistress,
She left us in a perpetual distress,
Stranger still is master time,
Who comes and goes without a chime,
Cruelty still seems our fate,
I think I see heavens gate,
Sick and tired and hopelessly drawn,
The purpose of life seems forlorn.

Monday, September 12, 2011

MA/MS Eco/whatever

I really cannot decide whether economics is an art or a science... its not a stupid question, for me it is a matter of "professional integrity"... my friends who got into big ass institutions act all certain and stuff about what they want in life... hey I got into IBA... doesn't that count towards developing a sense of knowing what you want in life. I am going to Karachi University tomorrow to find out when they be handing out the admissions forms and stuff...

Let me put in simpler terms for the future me - I know he'll read this, I read the old posts from the past me...

I am certain what I want, even when I do not know what I want and what I am doing... I know it, the plan is always there in the back of my head... People, people are uncertain, do not listen to them... you always know.

On a totally related note, this is a totally emo post... just realized that after writing it...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

After Rain

The rain is over, it was beautiful... but the after effects are even more so. Before when it used to rain, after the rain ended... I used to sit and listen to the water flowing by in the street... it sounded like a river... now it does not rain that much... then there were the toads and the frogs... after every rain a toad or a frog would show up, and you could only hear them late at night when the power was out. While I do not hear the little river flowing by, after a long time I got to hear the toads, in chorus... along with the grasshoppers... its a symphony in its own right... one that no musical instruments can reproduce... just like the smell of the sand, its there and yet no one can take it...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Monsoon Rain

I had a class, and then it started raining... this one does look like its part of the monsoon


I thought about writing a haiku, but nothing came to mind... then I though about writing a poem, I got the idea and the words... then they vanished, just like that... funny when you can not hold on to a single thought for longer than a few seconds... no worries... you know living in the moment... okay, so the world may be random after all... things happening just to amuse us, to cheer us up... but I need more proof to believe that ;)

Friday, September 9, 2011


I am disappointed in myself, I started working again... I should not be doing it... Money is a grave evil...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I took back my old freelancing job back... I really do not know why I did that

Monday, September 5, 2011

Teach me, Please!

I want to be able to speak at least 7 different languages, at present I can only speak a total of 2 languages, only urdu and english, and who bhe thori thori. The languages that I want to learn include, but are not limited to, turkish, farsi, tamil, french, italian, spanish, and german. I would have also included the local languages, but I've given up hope of that... my friends refuse of teach me cause I take forever to learn a phrase they say...

At present, I have a pressing need to learn turkish and tamil... turkish so I can get back at my cousin, and tamil cause it is suppose to be my mother tongue but the last person in my family who could speak it was my dada who died couple of years back...

Teach me, Please! nienga rascala...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Haiku VII

The bright auburn rain,
Upon the golden grain,
And then, the rat came.

Friday, September 2, 2011

It happen on the second day of eid...

The first day was as usual, namaz, relatives, food yada yada... the usual family-relative stuff... Sadly, I only got a total of 300Rs. for eidi... thats less than what my nephew made and hes just 5yrs old... Doesn't age count for anything in this day and age!!! Of the 300 that I got, only 200 were usable, one of the 100 rupee notes was a fake. I knew it the instant I got the damn note, but I couldn't say anything... in my aunt's opinion she was giving me a brand new note.

The second day was fun... I got to lock a niece in a carton... no pics of that, I could be in trouble if  evidence of such incidents existed... it was just like the time when I shut a nephew in a bagona (enormous enormous pot...) mainay bhe sab bachon ko 10 10 rupay eidi dee...
The shock of the day came when after picking up a friend, while on my way to the Karachi University (friend lives near there) I filled up my bike from a petrol station near Expo Center... A full 100Rs. worth of petrol (that is a fortune, mind you, for a poor person like me) ... I cross the university and poof my bike dies... lo and behold, the fuel had run out!!! The petrol station wala cheated, and that too on the day of eid... reserve tha, warna pata nae kiya kartay...

Aaj ka bhe koi plan tha, but I feel lazy...