Monday, September 19, 2011

If I ever wrote fiction

This is what it would be like...

Reading into the life of the average man, it can be easily observed that the capitalist has the strongest and the most vile hold among all the other cretins of darkness that are to be found among the offspring of men. The religious bigots come in only after the capitalists. While the religious leeches suck any of the creative tendencies that may lie in the human beings in their early years, the capitalists go a step beyond and coax humanity into not only selling the capitalists their assets, but their selves as well. The interesting fact about this, is that the human is happy in selling his being at a cheap price to the capitalist - a being no longer human but a slithering squirming disease. These diseases must be cured, by any means necessary.


When we look at all the disillusions that man kind has suffered from, communism appears to be the most severe. The communist thinks that what he preaches is for the good of humanity. He believes that he will pave way for a better economic future for all of humanity. What that moron does not understand is the fact that humanity is not motivated simply by the premise of helping a another human, rather humanity is motivated by selfish desires and wants. Another disillusion that is becoming troublesome is that of the irreligious. These proud fools believe that they alone can manipulate the matter around, they believe that the universe is at there beck and call. Both of these, and others along with them, must be eradicated.


Furree Katt said...

are you sure that's fiction?

very well written, by the way.

quartertoinsane said...

i suppose its fiction... what does it look lyk to u?

thnkx :)

Komal Ali said...

I am determined to read this in my comparative politics class. I shall.

Thank you.

quartertoinsane said...

ur welcome i guess...