Thursday, September 29, 2011

problems, when they come

I didn't have any problems of concern as such. Apart from the usual bickering in my head and the usual stuff, there really wasn't any problem. Well even this isn't a problem, its just something that came up. You know the projects I did earlier, their results came out and they failed... I was like... I mean how could they fail... the ones before them went good. I have asked for the detailed report... lets see...

On an extremely related note, I just found out that I had an account on one of those online payment sites like PayPal. Yea, I had an account and I didn't even know about it... so yea that was shocking and disturbing. I've mailed their tech support to about the situation... again, lets see...

On an unrelated note, I have polished my skills of making an omelet to the point that they are now excellent :)

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