Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Book Thief II

First the colours,
Then the humans,
That is usually how I see things,
Or At least, how I try.

                                  -Death from The Book Thief

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I just noticed, I am socially withdrawn suddenly.. not a good sign...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The circle

Once me and my friend were driving around sea view. Not actually driving around, we had some errand or something and since we had time, we decided to visit one thing that does not get boring, the sea side... so yea, we was cruising down the length of the road just driving slowly, enjoying the wind and the sandwich and talking about mundane things... target killing was extremely prominent those days, so we were putting forward theories as to why it was happening... He held that it was the result of people's deeds and that, I do not disagree with that but just for the sake of argument I said that maybe its a thing, the negative tendencies, the evil, even magic manifesting itself and taking its price in blood. So he asks me, how can I prove my statement. I say, if what I am saying were true, there should be a bind - a circle of something around this city, either in the air or in the land... There was a line of clouds on the horizon, I pointed towards that and said "like that, and it should..." I trailed off, I was partly horrified and partly excited, there it was in front of me, a piece of a bind... I pointed it out and he said that I am out of my mind, but he noticed it too... we looked around and it was a semi-circle so we were partly relieved and continued talking about other mundane things... then we took a u-turn and started driving back, I was humming a tune or something, so my friend says, do you remember the semicircle you showed to me earlier, I say yes but that was a fluke... he says think again, look ahead.. there is was in the sky another semicircle, we could not see it cause of the light and the sun or something, but this time, it was there and the one behind us was not... I full circle was there...

It just popped in my mind while I was stumbling and saw some pictures of some clouds...

come to think of it, I think I posted this before....

The Book Thief

I just got Markus Zusak's The Book Thief... I have heard a lot about this book, and honestly the cover is also quite inviting. Covers are often great judges of the books - for me at least, I can read the covers :D Now the thing is I am faced with a dilemma, if I do not start reading the book, it is an injustice with the book, but if I do end up reading it and it turns out to be really good, I will not be able to stop until I finish it, which will then in turn affect my studies. See a dilemma, either do justice with the book which will be injustice with studies or do justice with studies which will be injustice with book... why do I put myself in such complications...

And yea a friend is maybe kinda catching on to the game... but no worries the game is always ahead... even I do not know what it will do, and I made the game and this ain't the only game that I made ;)

See games are my way of distracting myself from the worries that plague me, I play the games and the games in turn plague char pillage and in the end brutally murder and then burn the worries to ashes XD Since games are barbarish none will be mentioned here.

PS: Dammit, I caught a cold... just when I was about to push publish... garam chai and joshanda it is :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dragon Age II

I played dragon age I, it was good... complicated story, numerous outcomes multiple character interactions etc etc... the sequel appeared that it would have a good story. Sadly, dragon age II disappointed me in terms of story. The game provides an option of importing the character from the previous game, but its no use (I don't have it any way - deleted the bugger, anyway) the story is lacking... the character is thrown into a war... chaos ensues and then he/she vanishes... in the last game we went off to fight dark spawn and fell off of the grid, here we just vanish... at least the developers should have tied the story together... the game play was fine by the way...

PS: now I have to get back to studies and work...
PPS: how does siah qalam sound ?

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Slice of Life

Ami is making me Idli and Samber... just the thought makes me feeling like a little boy XD...

Its like a slice of life for me...