Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Book Thief

I just got Markus Zusak's The Book Thief... I have heard a lot about this book, and honestly the cover is also quite inviting. Covers are often great judges of the books - for me at least, I can read the covers :D Now the thing is I am faced with a dilemma, if I do not start reading the book, it is an injustice with the book, but if I do end up reading it and it turns out to be really good, I will not be able to stop until I finish it, which will then in turn affect my studies. See a dilemma, either do justice with the book which will be injustice with studies or do justice with studies which will be injustice with book... why do I put myself in such complications...

And yea a friend is maybe kinda catching on to the game... but no worries the game is always ahead... even I do not know what it will do, and I made the game and this ain't the only game that I made ;)

See games are my way of distracting myself from the worries that plague me, I play the games and the games in turn plague char pillage and in the end brutally murder and then burn the worries to ashes XD Since games are barbarish none will be mentioned here.

PS: Dammit, I caught a cold... just when I was about to push publish... garam chai and joshanda it is :)