Thursday, November 10, 2011

A day wasted is a day not lived

Honestly, that is what I think. A day not spent productively is a day that is effectively wasted, in simpler words that is a day that has been spent was dead. I wasted a whole day when I could have studied and increased my chances of passing the paper... I wasted it running useless chores with my friends which had nothing to do with me or half the people who went for that chore, and which had no productive value whatsoever... I could have better spent that day eating sandwiches or something, and still I could have studied quite a few chapters... Now, I am writing a blog post and streaming episodes of Criminal Minds... Utter Sheer WASTAGE... :'(


Beyond Timid said...

I agree with the quote, but everyone has their own standards on what they believe "wasting time" really means.

quartertoinsane said...

nt contradicting dat