Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Dreams I Dream

The sliver night, the soft blowing wind
The starlit sky and the moon unwound
Mothers embrace or the soft loving girth
Towards sleep they all make me drift
In the valley of dreams is where people go
The bright dreamy sky, the people in the rye
The singing lark, whose call do people hark
The sweet flowing music do people hear
And wonderful colors they see through tears
Tis a wonderful place to be, the land of dreams
Here lovers meet without any squabbles
Their talks no longer end in quarrels
The time here you see goes on and on
Without an end or even a slight frown
Wars here are children's games
Played by few, yet without disdain
But to me, you see 'tis just not right
There are, no hard feelings about night
At night the land of dreams is filled with people
Too many of them I see at the steeple
In the day, they race like rats
Against other people, without a remorseful ripple
So at night, to the land of dreams I do not go
In the abyss is where my sleep flows
Its quite and peaceful, and restful indeed
Tis not a horrible place, you must concede
Though I visit other people in the land of dreams
When I feel soulful or restless indeed
It is not as peaceful as the abyss at night
But, enough about this,
I like the day, when the sun shines bright
'cause that is when I visit the land of dreams
Different indeed it is at this time,
Even in the day, there are people here too
Yet you do not see them they do not see you
The dreams, in the day, are at play
And the wars are making castles of clay
The smells dance, vivid and clear
The sounds are fragrant, delicious and sweet
The colors are melodious just as a choir,
A hazel moon and mist in the midst,
Or maybe this too, is just dream I wished.


Shreya said...

beautifully written :)

Tazeen said...

This is lovely. I rarely visit your blog. I'll try to be punctual now. This is beautiful!

quartertoinsane said...

i am humbled n honored.

quartertoinsane said...

@Shreya: for some odd reason ur comment was in spam.... thnkx :)