Thursday, November 3, 2011


I had to change my bloody fucking account information cause of this website. Its a spammer website that once you visit it then uses your account to propagate itself further. The hits are generated via bots of something.... its like a spammer cum hacker website... I absolutely fucking hate changing my passwords. Last time I had to change by hotmail account information of this some spam bot (the one that sends people mails from your account to spread) back then I simply clicked on a link that came from a friend's account and I thought it was about the information that I had requested.

Now, as to what prompted me to go there... I keep an eye on the hits on this blog or anything that I do... Its a habit I don't know why I do it, the hits here grew significantly so I checked the stats and found this website as the top referrer... I went to check it out, it looked suspicious, so I Googled it and found to two other blogs stating the problem... here and here ... so yea, these girls were helpful...

PS: This is bloody fucking frustrating... my secret question has changed already... dammit...

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