Monday, December 12, 2011

Wilted Plans and Soured Fate

A lovely night spent in the shady tar,
Here the voices are all a hush,
Its seems as if there is a rush,
And all the hands eagerly crush
The time as it slips by...

And here you sit in this pit,
With a plan all settled away,
Here now queue enter the fay,
Your so called plans burn like hay
Just as she walks on...

All those thoughts about the future,
On how to get the money hard earned,
Then to eat the butter so churned,
Its seems to me they all got burned
In your dreams sprayed about...

Think of the plans as a little joke,
Do not blame fate for this sudden turn,
It did not make your heart yearn,
You always were a little stern
As you distanced yourself away...

Life it seems had jolted you,
Back to sleep you should not fall,
Do something don't be a thrall,
Just go be part of some cabal
and plans are worthless, now you know...


Red Handed said...

Beautifully all I got to say :)
Keep bloggin

quartertoinsane said...

thnku... thnku... XD

Shreya said...

Nicely penned :) Good going.. :)

quartertoinsane said...

thnkx :)

Rohit said...

I without adventure is life so dull....and really funny is the comment alias name-'people going mad' :):):)

quartertoinsane said...

its always an adventure whn u accept the uncertainty...

glad u liked it :D