Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Words

To allllllllllllllllllllllllllll the people who said 2011 was not good to them, even people who went through great tragedies (not including people who lost someone) including breakups, fuckups, accidents, Near Death Experiences, and what the fuck not (and when I say lost someone I mean that person died)... GET A FUCKING LIFE IN 2012, for a number of reasons... the most important being that 2012 will be the last year of human existence (hopefully =D) ; the second reason being the fact that the year is just another number in your damned existence, what happens in it is your doing ACCEPT THAT FACT!!!

To the people who actually did suffer a tragedy, hopefully the next will bring joy with it try to find it... its always there just waiting to be found (this is not something I read in a book or somewhere, I know this for a fact)...

Hope you find joy !!! and fun...

The Year End

Reading all the posts about the end of the year, I thought to write one too... though this may not be the last thing I write this year ( I have been trying to write a poem for the year end after, but nothing so far)... so yea... the year end, I made some resolutions I would like to write down here for reference to future me...

Res1. Nothing changes so you do not have to...
Res2. Whatever happens do not support that guy...
Res3. Whatever happens do not be that guy...
Res4. There is no harm in getting a leg up so if an occult group approaches you offering to "help you" in return for a favor, take it...
Res5. Look into secret societies, the ether says new ones are popping up...
Res6. Learn the language... it will help you
Res7. Learn to use chop sticks...
Res8. Learn the old type cursive handwriting...
Res9. Try to keep these resolutions...

I think these should be enough for the year...

نیا سال مبارک ہو آپ کو. 

PS: I few more resolutions...

Res10. Learn pyrotechnics. You still gotta light the world on fire...
Res11. Do the burn the world to ashes thing before 21 December 2012, DO NOT let nature beat you to it...
Res12. Res 10 and Res 11 are important...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Haiku XIII

Think of life as a little vice,
Filled it is with bits of strife,
But every once in a while it rains...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I just remembered

I just remembered that today I was about to post about my adventures in University of Karachi that may have occurred today. But alas! it was an uneventful event, went there, gave my forms, say the different organizations attracting young idiots, went to the examination dept. came out. Simple, nothing extraordinary, nothing unique...


Misty and pale, just another bane
Sooner or later, their influence will wane,
The light atop the mystic tower
Put out it was by their dark power,
The blood of innocents they have drained
'Cause of them damnation has reigned,
Through their raging claws and
With their lusty eyes,
Wars they have caused and
souls they have rot,
Let the demons be banned,
Their very existence be damned ...

Thus said the holy man, and all the land cried,
But a man just though about all that has been taught,
And then he replied with a grin very wide

Answer me this, my dear little bigot,
What did they do, did they sink your frigate,
You can't just put a blame
You are not a pretty dame,
You need to have something more,
May be an axing swinging bore
Or a torn apart whore,
Whatever you do need some proof,
May be a torn up roof
Or even a belittled goof,
You lay a blame based on myth
You that as well as you know James Smith,
Seriously, do you think demons do this,
They do nothing more than whisper in the Abyss,
'Tis you who is evil, 'tis you who is dark
Your rage your lust, they are your own damned lark
Stop playing games, for once take the blame...

PS: I had an argument about what demons actually do with a friend long long ago, and I read about demons just a while back... and I thought to myself, "lets write about this"

Black Swan

This is why I like stumbleupon... sometimes its just great...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Haiku XII

The cold frozen winds,
The burden of my sins,
Aah winter, it begins!

PS: I was waiting for the really chilly part of winter, but I think it passed already...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Serious overtone

Down I was, upset really I was... friend asks what is it, I say "nothing the balm of time won't heal"... he asks again, this time I say "nothing, just a momentary disagreement over certain things and the fate of others" I says... Oh scornful fate, why can't I use such a solemn sober tone in other things when I write them why why WHY...

Why can I not draft a full complete serious story with a villainess and a heroin and a hero... oho ye tu 'humsafar' hogaya... good thing I cannot do that...

PS: I had tried using these phrases in a poem, couldn't do it...
PPS: I have never watched humsafar.. it is a guess

There must be a word for this...

Ever do something with apt determination and then after doing it wonder why did you do it... no? happens to me often... its like a habit. I often do this... like I start doing a task, and then I complete the said task with all my concentration, but after completing the task I am like... WHY!!!???!!!

Like the flash game I am playing now, after finishing a level I was wondering why I was playing this... It also happens with books, I get a book determined to read it cover to cover then after the first few chapters I am thinking to myself that there are better ways to torture my soul... Even when studying...

I really want to know why does this happen, does this have a name, what makes it happen, why does it happen, how often does it happen...

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I must see a lot of awesome things in terms of movies and games, but I believe that I have not seen anything more awesome than the assassins creed revelations' trailer... and you know what lends the trailer its awesomeness, the song Iron by WoodKid... I would have uploaded the lyrics and the video but then I would have read the lyrics and that would have ruined the charm for me...

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I did an assignment related to economics, it reminds me why I like the subject... its dry and its boring, but when you understand the underlying mechanism, its like a piece of evil that you can control...

Also, yaar admission lena hai... I have to go to the University of Karachi in order to submit the form... mood nae horaha... plus for the external examinations, there are additional requirements for the forms...

Plus, I am slightly made up mind about the classes that I want to take...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I literally am... I have got to decide where to take classes, there is a wide selection of rats (that is what they were called by the CA people, registered accountancy tutors) that offer different timings with different teachers and varying fee structures and benefits. I am as of yet undecided because there are so many choices and the teachers each are... well lets just say everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally prefer places where there are fewer students because that way you get better one on one communication with the teacher and the teacher can actually focus on resolving the issues the students have.... but I want a good teacher too... its confusing

Plus there is also the fact that I cannot afford to waste too much money because if I do that then I will have to borrow from my father which I do not want to do...

But seriously, any advice on where to go??? also bear in mind that I intend to take the first three papers of the professional series but I do not know what they are... like I do know they are also known as P1 P2 P3, but I do not know what they are about per say. Any sign would do...

PS: Do not go to mirchiwala, they over sell, no disrespect but how many professional papers can one teacher teach... also, there is no table tennis facility in alhamd, we searched the whole campus after the admin guy told as they had table tennis.. if the law teacher at kns is anyone other than kfa, do not go. Period.

PPS: It is windy and dry, ergo, dusty. I do not like the dusty part.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Days Ahead

While musing on the net I found a beautiful song, it can be heard here  Days Ahead. It is truly beautiful song by Hania Lee

PS: I don't know how to embed sound files on the blog, otherwise I would have done that too...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

All the anger, All the hate... (2)

My soul was not a free one,
My hate burned the chains away,
My deceit gave me wings to fly,
Yet you still try to bind me,
The sun does not burn my wings,

They themselves are made of fire,
I will turn lead to gold,
I will challenge the ways of old...
You do know I am not bold,
That that was the only way,

That I have known,
How to fly in the sky,
Up above the world so high,
Still you doubt me, still you think that
There is a way to save me,

No there isn't I tried them all,
All they do is hasten my fall,
Listen to me this once,
Do try to cut my wings away,
My heart will then turn to scorn, all
You including, the world not excluding
I will burn the world to ashes...

All the anger, All the hate... (1)

All the anger, all the hate,
You think it will kill me,
Deep inside you have always know, 
You know it does not burn me,
You do know it does not hurt me,
It only turns me true...

You knew I spew poison,
You know I make hate,
You know my soul is burning
Not with the desire of love,
Rather the passion of rage,
You know its in my blood...

You know its part of my dye,
But still you are adamant
Still, you are stubbornly wrong,
I will do as I wish,
I am not like you, bound
Yet, you try to bind me...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Haiku XI

Out of boredom we sought a game,
We played and others took the blame,
Turns out this is just lame.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It really is... since the exams ended, its like inspiration be dying a leap at a time... I got around to reading 'The Book Thief'... its a really beautiful book I must say. But I am not reading much of it... just not feeling it... Its like an empty hull...

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wilted Plans and Soured Fate

A lovely night spent in the shady tar,
Here the voices are all a hush,
Its seems as if there is a rush,
And all the hands eagerly crush
The time as it slips by...

And here you sit in this pit,
With a plan all settled away,
Here now queue enter the fay,
Your so called plans burn like hay
Just as she walks on...

All those thoughts about the future,
On how to get the money hard earned,
Then to eat the butter so churned,
Its seems to me they all got burned
In your dreams sprayed about...

Think of the plans as a little joke,
Do not blame fate for this sudden turn,
It did not make your heart yearn,
You always were a little stern
As you distanced yourself away...

Life it seems had jolted you,
Back to sleep you should not fall,
Do something don't be a thrall,
Just go be part of some cabal
and plans are worthless, now you know...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Long Due, Adieu

No, this is not a goodbye... I can not be gotten rid of that easily. Its just that I could not find any word for 'thank you' that rhymes with 'due'. Now to the point, I am not very good with thankyous and iamsorrys, so... in the most decent manner that I could think of I would like to thank the people reading this blog (especially the ones who did so in the very beginning thou I do not know they did so in the first place)... also, I forgot the other thing (this is the bad thing about using the draft feature, you forget things)

PS: In my head, Adieu rhymes with due, I do not know french...

PPS: I just remembered the other thing (and just 2 hours after writing the post too)... This blogger, sana, gave me an award once... The Zombie Chicken Award... also, that was back when most people thought this blog was written by a girl for some reason...

Friday, December 9, 2011


I thought that after the papers I would  have so much to draw and so much to write, but it turns out... I do not have that much to write about after all... During the papers, I came with a few fun haiku, but now I can not remember a word. I even came up with a poem, all funky and shady... like a jazz song type... it had a fedora hat, a woman with scarlet eyes and bright blonde hair, a musician who had made a deal with the devil all bare, a heart broken musician, and a foul mouthed singer... and its was epic, at least in my head it was... now I can not recall a single verse... but it is not a sad state of affairs for I will WATCH Jack :)


I am Free... finally sleep, and games, and movies, and by favorite series, and plans... yes plan of fun and what not... XD

It Ends Today

Finally... I will be FREE!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


14... that is when the paper is today... I will have to leave around 13.... I literally want to cry.

But as a friend adequately put it (just before the last CA exam that I gave), 'hum beghairti k us maaqam pay hain jahan aankhon mein aansu nae, cehray pay begharti aati hai *moment of deep silence* oy rabia ko check kar'

PS: I have financial reporting today, audit tomorrow, and financial analysis the day after tomorrow.
PSS: Yea, this is ACCA

Sunday, December 4, 2011


So instead of studying, I revamped my blog, made a picture, and found Samurai Jack... you know the cartoon series. For those of you who do not know who Samurai Jack is... People you have wasted your lives watching TV. There is something in that artwork that is different... almost... hmmm... whats the word here... what's the word I am looking for.........

So yea, while I could have studied and stuff I did all this...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

And then I drew

The predicament

I have to study for the papers... I have to have to... but what I end up doing... I finished a couple of games, won a few badges on the online gaming website, leveled up my avatar... thought of writing something, thought of drawing something, actually drew something, read blogs, thought of reading 'The Book Thief', made tea, drank tea, thought of sleeping, slept, forwarded messages, thought of studying, watched a documentary on aliens... again thought of studying...

This does qualify as a predicament, right?

PS: I got sick when I started to study and the only way to cure it was to play a game...