Friday, December 9, 2011


I thought that after the papers I would  have so much to draw and so much to write, but it turns out... I do not have that much to write about after all... During the papers, I came with a few fun haiku, but now I can not remember a word. I even came up with a poem, all funky and shady... like a jazz song type... it had a fedora hat, a woman with scarlet eyes and bright blonde hair, a musician who had made a deal with the devil all bare, a heart broken musician, and a foul mouthed singer... and its was epic, at least in my head it was... now I can not recall a single verse... but it is not a sad state of affairs for I will WATCH Jack :)


Shreya said...

Yea.. it happens, during exam time we get so many ideas and we plan so much to do after exam but when exams get over ideas get lost in oblivion.

quartertoinsane said...

hmmm... this means there should be more exams, no?