Sunday, December 18, 2011

All the anger, All the hate... (2)

My soul was not a free one,
My hate burned the chains away,
My deceit gave me wings to fly,
Yet you still try to bind me,
The sun does not burn my wings,

They themselves are made of fire,
I will turn lead to gold,
I will challenge the ways of old...
You do know I am not bold,
That that was the only way,

That I have known,
How to fly in the sky,
Up above the world so high,
Still you doubt me, still you think that
There is a way to save me,

No there isn't I tried them all,
All they do is hasten my fall,
Listen to me this once,
Do try to cut my wings away,
My heart will then turn to scorn, all
You including, the world not excluding
I will burn the world to ashes...


Soumya said...


No rhyming, but beautifully fantastic.

Damn, I want to read it again now!

quartertoinsane said...