Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Misty and pale, just another bane
Sooner or later, their influence will wane,
The light atop the mystic tower
Put out it was by their dark power,
The blood of innocents they have drained
'Cause of them damnation has reigned,
Through their raging claws and
With their lusty eyes,
Wars they have caused and
souls they have rot,
Let the demons be banned,
Their very existence be damned ...

Thus said the holy man, and all the land cried,
But a man just though about all that has been taught,
And then he replied with a grin very wide

Answer me this, my dear little bigot,
What did they do, did they sink your frigate,
You can't just put a blame
You are not a pretty dame,
You need to have something more,
May be an axing swinging bore
Or a torn apart whore,
Whatever you do need some proof,
May be a torn up roof
Or even a belittled goof,
You lay a blame based on myth
You that as well as you know James Smith,
Seriously, do you think demons do this,
They do nothing more than whisper in the Abyss,
'Tis you who is evil, 'tis you who is dark
Your rage your lust, they are your own damned lark
Stop playing games, for once take the blame...

PS: I had an argument about what demons actually do with a friend long long ago, and I read about demons just a while back... and I thought to myself, "lets write about this"


Shreya said...

Now this is one of my favorite post by you. :)

Komal Ali said...

Last line left me smiling.
Only if humans, too, would do that.

quartertoinsane said...

@shreya: XD thanksss... i have written others like this i think, though not specifically abt demons...

@komal: if only... on the brighter side, we still hav demons...