Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Long Due, Adieu

No, this is not a goodbye... I can not be gotten rid of that easily. Its just that I could not find any word for 'thank you' that rhymes with 'due'. Now to the point, I am not very good with thankyous and iamsorrys, so... in the most decent manner that I could think of I would like to thank the people reading this blog (especially the ones who did so in the very beginning thou I do not know they did so in the first place)... also, I forgot the other thing (this is the bad thing about using the draft feature, you forget things)

PS: In my head, Adieu rhymes with due, I do not know french...

PPS: I just remembered the other thing (and just 2 hours after writing the post too)... This blogger, sana, gave me an award once... The Zombie Chicken Award... also, that was back when most people thought this blog was written by a girl for some reason...

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