Monday, January 30, 2012


I am for some reason, Anxious. Like a little boy about to venture on an adventure, like a lover going to meet his love for the first time... their excitement, thrill, whatever you may call is nothing compared to mine. It is as if I want to do something, but now is not the time and I cannot make myself understand that. It feels like me, I, we are lost. Lost in this conundrum of feelings and this whirlpool of thoughts. I have been clairvoyant, that is the only thing I have been, ever. But now, at this time it is all haze, daze, shrouded in a mist, a fog. I just want to scream, to yell my lungs out, to fall in exhaustion... anything to be calm again. Anything to be in control, again. To see again.

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