Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Wandered

I wandered the streets all undone,
A burden of this world made me lonely,
The wind was chilly and the lights dim,
Nothing really made any sense,
I never thought I would need someone...

During the travels I had met people,
Others like me all walking away from life,
We met again but they were strangers,
All of us we were the same yet unique,
Disturbed by thoughts of the steeple...

Smells I had tasted them all,
Lights I had seen them all,
Colors I had felt them all,
Beauty I had observed it all,
Slightly disjoint they were all...

Then I spied you through a corner,
A shadow an after thought just that,
First like that you appeared to me,
Wandering lost its purpose for a while,
The thought of leaving looked stranger...

Were you somebody I used to know,
In all the travels I forgot you maybe,
A sensation I had felt before stung,
You were all the world that I needed,
Why did you let me wander though...


Shreya said...

Deep thoughts, nice :)

quartertoinsane said...

thnkx :)... i think a verse of the song which inspired me to write this snuck in here...

Zeba said...

Wow. This is intense. Loved it. I have a thing for beautifully stung words anyway. :-)

quartertoinsane said...

thnks :)