Friday, January 13, 2012


I can see patterns that others cannot see, its a fact... Let me try to explain, I see things that others cannot; this is not the same as seeing what others miss, no it is not that. This is different, my perspective is different than that of other people, you included. You are not special, neither am I, I just do not appreciate your company. Its not that I do not like you, you and me, we are the same; but its just that you, you are immature, brash, and selfish. I am these things too but on a lesser degree, I told you earlier, you and me, we are the same. No, I was not born with such abilities, I developed them, polished them, toned them, Isn't that something that you did too? Oh yea, I remember, you believed that you are special, you'll learn eventually, I did.

You did not receive those calls, they were quite a few... 9 to be exact. Then you wondered what if, Ah! that question, why haven't you grown tired of asking that. I have. I used to be like you, asking that useless question a lot, it made me lose some good moments, you should stop that. Stop asking what it!!! if you are so worried about the consequences, fix it, just like you always do. In the morning with a fresh mind, when your heart isn't heavy.

People still think you will leave them out for the vultures, still there are others who are thoroughly convinced you are heartless. This I liked about you because I still do the same, reciprocate. If your being too nice there are people who believe that you are the type of guy they can push around and then expect you to help them when they fall of a cliff. But you know what you are, you will not care whether they are parallel or perpendicular. And all it takes is a little luck. Writing still does not clear my head, but is a good medium. But why the heavy heart, what was bothering you...

PS: I almost forgot, tomorrow morning, you also need that problem gone, think about it too...

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