Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Tender Heart

Tears of sorrow from a stream of agony,
Beating steadily the tender heart...
The hands of fate then tore it apart,
Dark it was like the sun in a blight,
There was no hope, and there was no light,
The charcoal heart kept the world in fright,
Then came the eyes, that burned right through,
Searing the flesh they made the heart anew...

With life it moved, the darkness gone,
The joys of life, and all the playful things,
The wild flowers and summer winds,
Heavenly smells, and the beautiful sights,
Thoughts of darkness, it had lost them all,
The dreamy eyes though never stopped there...

They seared the flesh, to burn through the heart,
Though now it loved the world as it moved,
The darkness lost, all the blight had gone,
Then it moved as if without a carte,
A world laid bare to a bare bare heart,
The heart then healed in a tender form...

Then fate itself began anew,
Tears of sorrow from a stream of agony,
Beating steadily my tender heart,
My eyes are dry, my lips do not quiver,
Because the tears do not flow out in a river,
They all fall, drop by drop, piece by piece...

The darkness comes, back with the blight
Where once it was, set in its throne,
The charcoal heart comes back of life,
Since the tears of sorrow killed the one alive,
Beating steadily the tender heart,
No more there, no more alive....


Maryam said...

Okay, I like this. But there are places where it gets slightly unbalanced. And reading it fells like a pebble came in the way. Can be easily rectified though. Say it out loud and pinpoint what sounds funny. Revise that.

quartertoinsane said...

hmmm... okay