Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tired, Work, and Workless

I am tired... went internship hunting today... its hard work I tell you. Dropping of the CV. Here is a list of lessons I learned today...

Lesson 1: prepare the envelopes in advance
Lesson 1a: start early
Lesson 2: eat a hearty breakfast before leaving
Lesson 3: know the exact location of the offices
Lesson 4: try not to stay and chat with a friend you just met there
Lesson 5: have some credit in your cell phone if its prepaid, if its postpaid make sure you aren't maxed out
Lesson 6: do not forget Lesson 1 & Lesson 3

I learned all this cause I made all these mistakes... the first think I did was to go to buy envelopes, lo and behold! the stationary shops were closed in the near vicinity... then I rode around the city (actually just a couple of blocks) to buy le envelopes. I did not have time for breakfast since I was running late, I just had something to eat after about 12 hours. We couldn't stop for food since we were already late. Also we knew the address but did not know the location of the offices, so we ended up wasting  a lot of time trying to search for the offices... We missed a couple of places cause of this too, they were right under our noses. Also, if you meet any friends, excuse your selves, they eat up precious time at times like these. Also, the cell phone thing is in case of emergencies... you know just in case... Luckily we didn't run into any such situation...

PS: We were running out of time cause we start around 11, start these things around 9-ish...


Sana Castellano said...

true what they say... we do learn from our mistakes!

quartertoinsane said...

yes we do =)