Monday, February 20, 2012

The Book Thief IV

The book is amazing, it is simply too good to end... yes, it is too good to end. I do not want it to end, but it will end, I can see it ending as the pages turn and the sentences move on. And it must end, death must move on, that is the beauty of it all. I did something that I would not have done, I did not finish the book, I left it in the middle for another time. I do not move on with books, I finish them, read the last word even if I skim through them. But this one was different, I left it, there, in the middle, for another time. A time when I think I will be able to better appreciate it, take in its words, see through the eyes of death as it tells this tale. That is why I left it where it is, I am losing sigh of death's words, something I cannot bear to do with this book. I will come back to it, later, at a better time, when I am more with my self...

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