Monday, March 12, 2012

A full moon

I was putting in late sittings at the office for the past couple of days. That meant leaving late and getting a signal free corridor free of traffic. On one of my such rides home I noticed the moon. Full. Round. White. Strong. Definite., tonight I saw it again. It was not so rounded. But still it was there. Clear as a night sky. I am writing this post cause i want to write.

PS: there will be mistakes in this because I am too sleepu, so much so that I felt asleep while types


Zeba said...

Ooh this is one sleepy post. Definitely. And the proof reader in me flinched! Heh.

And you ask me the most interesting of questions when you leave comments on my blog. Makes me smile. Thank you.

RidaFatima said...

:-) have you ever noticed eyes,nose and lips on the face of moon?

Shreya said...

Lol.. sweet dreams.. Zzzzz!!

quartertoinsane said...

@zeba: sorry for making you flinch, I just realized how many mistakes I made here... :D Ur welcome XD , but seriously whn are u gona answer them?

@rida: yes i have... and some other shapes too :D

@shreya: thankyou! although i dont remember wat i dreamt that nite :)