Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Dreamt

When people tell their dreams, they describe some of the most beautiful things. They say they do not remember precisely but the parts that they do remember are memorable. I do not remember many of my dreams, I do remember what they were about but I do not remember the scenes. However, as I said, there are some dreams that I remember has clear as a fresh water spring. Vivid. Detailed. Precise. That is how I remember these dreams. Another reason many be that there are only a limited number of these dreams. Three to be precise. One from my student life, from intermediate. Another when I was studying CA. And one is recent, from the yesterday before yesterday. In all these dreams I am working on numbers. On the first two I am solving questions that I could not solve while I was awake. The third dream was about me, making entries in the financial system. I remember the account code, something that I normal write down because they are too big. This one was 90-01010-0105-63310-0000-00. But why can't I remember something more livelier, more artistic, more meaningful. And I fell asleep again!!! What is wrong with me???