Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Not Yet

Just not yet, because now is not the time. I used to have excessive money, my own money, nothing that I borrowed from my father or mother. This was what I earned. And I used to give it in the form of interest free loans to my so-called friends. I did not worry about it then, I had lots of it. Enough to withstand the non-payments. Now I regret that, I should have laid out more severe terms, imposed an interest (let it be non-kosher), and made them sign an agreement with their blood. Now I have to wait for them to pay back, I have to ask for the money. And when they do give it back, I know for a fact that they will not act like people returning money, rather like people giving away charity. Here is another fact, the loans that I have yet to collect are 13000/- An amount I wouldn't have given a damn about, but now... NOW, this is more than what I get paid at the office. This is a FML!!! moment, but that would be akin to being ungrateful.

The only thing those unpaid loans have done is set me back a bit financially. I will recover, I will be back I always am. I will still turn the world to ashes. Not just yet, but I will...


Zeba said...

The only thing worse than a favour is a favour involving money. Sigh. I can never get myself to borrow money from friends and I have friends who never borrow. Which is good. Money issues make me uncomfortable. Very much so. And when people do borrow, I can never get myself to ask it back. Just can't. Sigh.

quartertoinsane said...

A favour ain't so bad, if u can repay it.... I favour involving money, its bad either way. Completely agree with you on that. Neither can I, i just don't get how ppl do that. I used to be like that, still slightly am but time taught me otherwise. You need to speak out when something is yours, you have to stretch your hand to take it.