Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The One

Have you ever had the one. Not the one you got or the one that got away. No those are common things. There is nothing unique about them. Almost everyone has had one of those. No, this one is different. Not like the one for whom you'll tear apart the heavens and set fire to the world. No, that is the one you cannot lose because then you lose a part of youself. No, this one may become that one. Yet they are not it at this time. Maybe in the future, if everything works out. This does not mean that you will stop trying to win them over, you will keep on trying until you win them over. Yet you will stop if a better person beats you to it. That one. This one. Such is the person who is being referred to here. They light up the world, but when they leave it won't be dark. Maybe a little dimmer, but never dark. This one. The one. Whom you love and you will let go if you are not good enough. Or if you know their heart rests else where. This one. I am not able to convey the idea. You live for this love, yet you do not die when this love leaves you. You live, you carry on. Stronger. Faster. More determined than ever. Now your steps do not falter because you have walked this path before. That kind. Have you ever had one?


Zeba said...

Have you? :-) I can't tell if I have had one. Which is kinda sad, don't you think?

I proof read obsessively. And take at least an hour to publish a post. It's almost unhealthy. Sigh.

And I really don't have answers to those questions you ask. Really. :-)

As always, thank you.

TayTay said...

I think I have.. But I can't be sure. It feels like each time I thought I've felt like that things go wrong. Then again I'm still young so.. hey :)


quartertoinsane said...

@zeba: i think i have, but i cant be certain... life is never certain :) And no it isn't sad, it just means there are surprises waiting for u in life :D

I thought u were a bit obsessive :P

Here a think u be lying ;) :)

your welcome!

@tay tay: lol... there is plenty of time for that :)

Komal Ali said...

I think I have had many of those. Not always a pleasant feeling. :-)

quartertoinsane said...

@komal: then you havn't had even a single one; because you see with this one, the feelings are always pleasant no matter their origin. :)

Zeba said...

Whaaaaaaat? You thought I would be the obsessive kind? :-O Yes, that's all I took from your reply. Heh.

quartertoinsane said...

lol... yea kinda, nt obsessive exactly, more like a perfectionairy ;) :)