Friday, April 6, 2012


That is how old I am today. I mean yesterday. 5th April. It was fun. The day. Friends wished me. It was fun. People in the office tried to coax me into giving a treat. I avoided it all. A few friends wished me in some clever ways. Boss, the CFO took me to lunch. Me psychoanalyzed. Me. It was flattering. And insulting. But the office is no place to get insulted. Especially at this stage. Flattered I am. It was a good year. Had fun. Few regrets. Two to be precise. No use remembering them. Improvement. That is the focus now. Not too many thoughts. Just want to sleep. Soak it all in. Refresh the mind. Must come up with new excuses. New scenarios must be run for tomorrow. Damn firecrackers. They are noisy. All the best for the rest of the days ahead!


Zeba said...

Oh. Okay. But it was your birthday! So I will wish you, even though I get a feeling that you don't want to be. Sigh. And good luck.

RidaFatima said...

aaw! happy birthday dear!

quartertoinsane said...

@zeba: thank you so very much for wishing me :) I do not mind being wished. I do not mind not being wished either ;)

@rida: thankyouuu!!! :)