Monday, April 30, 2012


Pain. Trust. Rust. Scream. Dream. Dissolve. Evolve. I am used to it. I like it. It does not seem like work. Without pain. I do not feel love. If there is no pain. Pain. It work. It is just exhaustion. That is all I need. To be drained. Physically. In love. It is more complicated. Without pain. There is no love. Without betrayal there is no love. Sweet Poison. I have become used to it. It is. Addicting. The Ache. The Pain. It is all so sweet. I will gain skills. I will learn. That is what I do. But this. This is different. This. Pain. Trust. Dream. Evolve. Grow. I may change. And I hope I do. This addiction. Is sweet. But. It is dangerous. I feel the pleasure. Because I have closure. But what about the other.


M said...

Your writing is thought provoking

quartertoinsane said...

not what I was going for... but cool :-)