Monday, April 16, 2012


They caught up with me. I thought I had left them. Out ran them. But I was wrong. I didn't do anything. They just let me be for a while. The freedom I felt for a while. Theirs. The strength I felt in me. Theirs. My thoughts for a while. Theirs. My words of expression. Theirs. My life. It seems. Is theirs. They are my demons. They are stronger than me. My demons. They are more cunning than I am. My demons. They can outwit me. My demons. They are back. They haunt me. They used to haunt me. I thought it was divine intervention. A remainder of the important tasks. It was after they left me that I realized. They were demons. They haunted me. Now I realized. They let me be. Like cruel hunters do with their game. Like monsters do with their prey. They let me rejuvenate. Regrow. So later they can have more fun. They no longer give me subtle dreams. They now jolt me. They shock me. They scare me. I know they are there. I can't hurt them. I can't touch them. They want me to join them. I can't. I am not that strong. Joining them makes me stronger. I just can't. Something holds me back. I join them I become unstoppable. More importantly. They will stop scaring me. They will leave me in peace. But I can't join them. I am incapable of doing that. They coaxed me into this. This job. This work. My purpose is there. My destiny is there. They. The demons. They too are there. I want to join them. Be them. Be at peace. That is all I want. Peace.


FarhanJ said...

You couldn't have painted a better picture about your demons....very nice!
Coincidentally I am planning to write a post which will be probably titled "rise above fear and face your demons". You must read it.

quartertoinsane said...

nice :D i'll...