Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Everything has an essence. The essence. It is the key. Reading it. Learning it. On the path of darkness. You manipulate it. That is the darkness. To twist and turn the essence. But that is not the objective here. Essence. It must be preserved. But is that demons want. The essence. It can be used to overwhelm us. It is used to overwhelm. Many people deflect. Some reflect. Other fight. Head on. All are right. It is all about survival. About preserving. Your own essence. She had a unique one. Unlike any I had seen. Or maybe I had not seen many. I am a quick learner. That much I know. But I slumber. That is how I protect my essence. I hide it. Deep within me. In darkness. But now is not the time to hide it. Hiding. Will vanquish it. It will be overwhelmed. Her essence. Something that must be forgotten. For now. But then again. It was beautiful. That is what I loved. Me. That is what must be saved now.


I do, I do. said...

We resemble pretty well..!

quartertoinsane said...

we do it seems :)