Sunday, April 22, 2012


I might appear obsessed. But. The truth is I am not. I just see them. They are everywhere. My demons. They are me. They also sleep. In a deep deep slumber. Like me. One woke up. And I tried. To sign a pact. He refused. Outright. He made a counter offer. A partnership. So he said. He will help me evolve. In turn. I feed him. Feed him. Its simple really. I eat. I grow. He is fed. That is all. In turn. I grow stronger. Stronger. Something that is tempting. But. Now, it is dangerous. I will be run over. Cannot eat defiantly. That is why he is a demon. The deals are never simple. The cost is high. If I lose. If. I lose. If I do not. I evolve. I grow. Greed. Hunger. Cunning. Ego. Impulse. Time to grow. To evolve. Into something new. Something better. But I need the others too. These alone will not be enough. He should have brought others with him. Irtiqa. He called at his time.

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