Thursday, May 24, 2012

Belief. Trust. Other than Her.

Belief. Something that I lack. About certain things. About other things. I have it. Engraved. In my core. Trust. Something that must be earned. They connect. Now I know. Belief. And. Trust. At some point. They become one. Without trust. There can be no belief. Without belief. There can be no trust. Apparently. I lack both. Trust. And. Belief. She. She does not have either in me. Or may be. They are there. I just do not see them. No. I can read souls. What are trust and belief. I should be able to see them. I see them. Dead. Or. Dying. Not alive. Why. Were they like this before me. I only know a few people who can do this. Kill an emotion so. Mangle it. Twist it. Make is unrecognizable. Thus. She pushes me away. Continuously. I am stubborn. So she says. Determined is what I know. I am not leaving away time soon. That much I know. Wait. She. She. She. Her. Her. She. Too much of her. There was a job. If I remember correctly. And there were studies. Where did they do. They too had a place in here. In my thoughts. Now its just her!  She is charming in her own way. She tests my patience. Again. And. Again. And Again. But then again. It is her.


I do, I do. said...

Loved this post and the simplicity in your writing.

quartertoinsane said...