Saturday, May 5, 2012

It would be fun

I just realized. Its not that I was ever bound. I always had people around me. Who would have been affected by my actions. That limited my movements. My thoughts too worked in a bind. Now. That bind is gone. There are no limits. And even if there are. They are not that strong. It is uncertain. No. It is definitive. It is hot. And humid. Rain would do nicely. If only it would. It should. It would be fun. Also long as I do not go sliding into a truck. Or a truck come sliding into me. It will be fun. Just Imagine. The bright moon. Suddenly. The sky is red. Followed by thunder. And then an ocean pours from the sky.


I do, I do. said...

It sure would be fun!

quartertoinsane said...

wouldn't it...:)