Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not For Me

Love. As it turns out. Is something not for me. May be. I am not patient enough for it. Then again. Maybe. It just was not time for it. But then again. When is it time for it. Ah well, Life. It goes on. Hurt. I am trying to feel. Its just not that much. Either I was not true in the first place. Or I just do not feel it anymore. Neither is a good conclusion. I am more bothered. Why did they take me there. Surely, they must have known. Then. Why. Why. Why. Maybe a lesson. Love. Peace. These things. They may not be for me. Sad. This conclusion is. Then again. Embrace it.


M said...

Love, I for one don't get either my friend. Some things are just beyond us I guess. And Love surely is one of those.

quartertoinsane said...

Agreed. :)

But the real question is, what does that mean?