Saturday, May 12, 2012

They. Must.

He grows. Stronger. But too strong. That would be a problem. He starts. Or maybe that part is me. He won't come after people. Until they are exposed. The actually weak. He disregards. They do not interest him. He looks for better opponents. Then. Maybe. Because it is. A preparation. He is getting ready.  That is the most difficult part. After that. There are only serious games. Actual threats. Not just assumptions. Rather. Past experiences. I found out he awoke. Tonight. When I was angry. He is from among the greater demons. Dangerous they are. They burn me. If I sleep. Now. That pleasure. I lose. They must be contained. Lest they consume me too. But. They cannot be contained. Irony. Dilemma. Maybe neither. They must awaken. Quickly. I must control. or I lose. Everything.

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