Tuesday, May 15, 2012


They awaken. One by one. One after another. But the thing is. They do not awaken all together. If they did. They would be unstoppable. Once they do. They will be. For now. The breaks are good. The pressure is good. If I cannot take it. They come. I can bear it. So they slumber. But some awoke. And now they roam. Freely. Enough. I have been spending a lot. It is 15. And 70% of my meager earnings have evaporated. Vanished. Spent. On good things. Some not so good. But that was only a fraction of a fraction. The papers are drawing near. And the end of office is no where in sight. Sigh. Life. Its that complicated. I will have to wake another one up. This one on purpose. Deliberately. For a vacations. I wish he would wake up. Blight. Fire. Black in color. It appears so beautiful. So splendid. In my mind. Imagination. At times is better than reality.

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