Friday, June 15, 2012

Herp. Derp. And...

People read about Herp and Derp. I personally know Terp.

On the study side. I am calm today. Reminds me of the meme. Not sure If I studied enough or I simply don't give a fuck anymore.


Zeebs said...

If we were having a meme-off, I'd win. I'd have my condescending Wonka face on- not trying to impress you or anything.

Also, at least you finished your goddamn exam. Mine's tomorrow. And I sit. Drenched in procrastination.

My Jabberwocky recitation and interpretive dance is frabjous.

Must. Stop. Goodbye.

quartertoinsane said...

Oooooo meme-off. Lets have a meme-off. No Wonka face. Don't want to be impressed :D :P

My exams didn't end. Got last one of these ones on tuesday. Then in July again another ones. :D

Procrastination is good.

Show me. Show me. Please.

Bye Bye. (for now)