Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to Lie

People sometimes find it difficult. Almost impossible to do. I do not get why. Lie. Just lie. Little Children lie. Although its damn easy to catch them. For me it is. At least. Also. People pretend they do not lie, but they do. The drink you refused saying you are not thirsty. Its a lie. These and others. Lies. But how do you lie successfully. Success. Is not the ability to spout the lie. It is the ability to tell it convincingly. Let me tell you. How to.

A lie is not a lie. It is the truth.
It is not a collection of distorted facts. It is an epic saga.
You do not tell it. You feel it.
You do not owe anyone anything. Remember that.
Somethings should be told in great detail.
There are parts that are not that important. Skip them.
The listener should feel you, more than they hear you.
There is always a prelude. Pray do tell.
Never. Never. Never get caught.

Spread the Love.


Zeebs said...

Truth hurts and lies heal.

quartertoinsane said...

yes yes. exactly :D