Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hyper Inflation

People. Listen to me. I am a student of economics. Not by virtue of ACCA. No. Its got nothing to do with economics. Although. It does pretend like it has a relation. It does not. But I am a student. I am doing my masters in Economics. So listen to me when I tell you. We. The Pakistani nation are not going through HYPER INFLATION. We are NOT. This is a walking or moderate inflation. Ask any economist. All the Pakistani people out there crying a river that they are living in a Hyper Inflated country. Go ask the people from the African Nations (except for a certain few, which are doing quite well). They are living in hyper-inflation. Somalia. Check their inflation rate. In 2008, Zimbabwe had a 2,000,000% inflation rate. THAT IS HYPER-FUCKING-INFLATION. So stop being a nation of bigots. Thank God and do something if you do not like the current state of affairs.

On a related note. The next person who talks to me about this country being in a hyper-inflation. Just talk to me about it.


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

OMG..... yeah right, brother because you can afford that is why it is not's fucking hyper inflation. OK?
Open your eyes and check out the way rates are increasing in real market and dada geri of shopkeepers, transporters and every ones.. actually hammna mein sub nagay hai.

I am not gonna ask N. Aficans . They are not my chacha mama. I am middle class peep of pak and I want relief.

quartertoinsane said...

Simply because I can or cannot do something does not mean that it is or is not. I cannot afford it either.

This is NOT hyper inflation. The media said this is a hyper inflated economy. So now everyone is saying the same. And of course they rob us. We can be manipulated so easily.

See 10Rs. relief in the petrol prices. Today I save a nail, tomorrow I lose my hand. This is our relief. I too am from the middle class, and I'd rather keep my hand.

Aese relief ka kya faida jis say bad mein nukhsan ho?