Sunday, June 10, 2012

Illuminati I or II (Dont remember which)

The point of this post is simple. It is an assignment. The post will vanish in 22hrs and 31 minutes. Don't ask why. I just thought of it. The assignment. Discover the meaning of mylo xyloto. The new Cold Play album title. The songs. Some are good. Some ain't. That is not the point. The point is the title. The conspiracy theorist in me. Has been edging. For quite some time. But honestly I have been hard pressed for time. This title means something. What. That is what you have to discover. The first one to report back gets a cookie. Those who get caught by the masons or illuminati or even the local ghairat brigade. You are on your own. Submit the report at the local meeting point. Or IM me. I'll IM back the location. That is all. Start with your assignments.

Once upon a time somebody run,
Somebody run away singing as fast as they can,
I got to go...
Once upon a time we fell apart,
You are holding in your hands to halves of my heart.

PS: Also decipher the lyrics if you can.

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