Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Order

Turns out a little break is all I needed in order to get my mind in order. Well any one would freak out. When you are told you have to come to work on Sunday since you cannot be called on Saturday due there being an official company picnic on that day. Bloody Picnic. Ruined a perfect weekend to ruin by calling people to work. When I say in order, it implies there is not a plan. With phases and steps. But seriously man. No break after papers drives you mad. Especially if all your friends are having fun. You have another batch of papers in a few weeks. And you work in a life draining job. It is like the job is designed to suck the life away. Hmmm. I may have to become a vampire to sustain my self. Or torture an intern if I am given one. Torture an intern it is.

Also, Prawn Biryani today at home. 

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