Monday, June 11, 2012

Me Neither

Do you know what is love. Have you ever felt it. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a loved one. And drowned in the beauty they hold. Na, me neither. I can think up the most philosophical stuff during exams. Like. I should get my mum to make me annday ka halwa (Egg... just google Halwa, its a sweet dish I think) for breakfast kal.

On a completely unrelated notes. Dark. Dark tidings coming in. People are failing their papers like that. Jaisay barish mein patingay nae aatay, bilkul waisay fail ho rahy hain log. This was a friend's qualifying attempt. He failed. Section Head. Talked to him too. He said, "I'll study harder next time". I mean DAFUQ!!! So yea, I am nervous.

PS: I wonder whether I should use the nashtaliq script for writing urdu, or just continue with the roman one.

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