Thursday, June 14, 2012

My nerves are Calm

My nerves are calm,
My hands steady,
I'll tell her now,
To be mine just be ready,

My nerves are clam,
My hands steady,
Bow before the world,
My pride is dead already,

My nerves are calm,
My hands steady,
I am about to kill a man,
No sweat I am ready...

Dafuq did I just write... I was gonna write a funny poem to show my state of despair pertaining to the exam that is on about 2hours. That is it. No more blogging till the exams end. Or till I get a gap.


Zeebs said...

I have an exam on Saturday.

Who the eff keeps exams on a saturday.



quartertoinsane said...

i have had exams on saturday, jst nt this tym. Nw i gt office on weekends :'( FML!

Zeba said...

Kill a man? :-O Heh. Good luck with the exams. My journal is not leather bound, I am afraid. Just A5 size sketchbooks with a hard black cover. I have collected quite a few of them over the years..

quartertoinsane said...

just a figure of speech, I have a hard time killing geckos...

Well, at least you write with an ink pen in them, or no?

Maryam said...

This one definitely has a structure.

quartertoinsane said...

so it does...