Friday, June 15, 2012


They still left. Well one is. I sat down in the bloody examination hall. One of my brothers friends beside me. All damn serious. A few rows away. One of my friends. We look at each other. Share that look. And break into a hysterical silent laughter. After he's done. My friend begs for God's forgiveness. Silently. Paper comes. I look at it. Know question 1. WTF is that. On Q 2. Know Q3. WTH. Q4. Write write write. 30mins. One part left. Thinking. Thinking. Looking around. Hot girl from last paper. Cannot see her. Oh well. Moving on. Suddenly Idea Strikes. I solve the question on the calculator. Voila. Its an answers with a 65% chance of being wrong. What the heck. Write write write. Done with paper. Go out after tedious paper collection process. Outside. Friend asks about paper. Solving every question expertly on calculator. Another friend comes. That not the write answer man. I am like ....!!!! Oh well. FISH.

Write now. I am trying to forget what I learned. To make room for the corporate reporting paper. I missed classes of that one too. Paper on Tuesday. Plenty of time. I just hope the paper comes easy. And then the dreaded job. But before that. I trip to either nandos or cinnabon.


Zeebs said...

You'll be extremely pleased to know that I've answered your questions like a bawss.

(audience: claps)

i pretty much failed my paper, but the weather's so nice today that it makes up for everything.

And yes, I took a protractor to my Law exam. And I pretended to use it.



Zeebs said...


(also OCD about spelling and grammar)


BTW: you should answer all your questions yourself and amuse me. Just a thought.

quartertoinsane said...

I saw them. :D

Happens. U'll get used to it. The sun was blazing here, so no chance the weather is gonna help with the mood.

We call also it a 'D'. Protractor is what educated-like people call it.

That's masochism.

What do I get for amusing you?

Terminally Ill Offical Dank said...


Zeebs said...

Oh. A D.

You know who still uses the word 'protractor'?

My grandmother.

I am my grandmother.

I should've been born in the 16th century.

You could get anything I could send for free. What would you like? I'm generous. A smileyface? An e-hi-five? Name it. Besides, I'd give those anyway.


quartertoinsane said...

16th century. You would have messed up the renaissance. And then gotten burned at the stake for being a witch cause could write. On paper. With a pen. *true story*

Smileyface and E-hi-five be the only things that can be sent for free.

Hows about both. And I answer twice as many questions. And of your choosing.

Zeebs said...

Okay derp. Game on.

Check your email.

And if there's nothing there then... I just pranked you.


quartertoinsane said...

Ok Derpina. Checked it. I have not been pranked. By you.