Friday, June 22, 2012

The Plan.

You know what. I am going back to my original plan. To hell with it all. I am living in a FML moment. And it isn't even a moment. It is a perpetuity. The alternative is not good either. But is not leaving me any choice. What must be done must be done. But this must be done to do that. What is wrong with this world. I just want it to end. I just want it to end. Be over with it. That anguish. It lurks. Deep within the mind. It be me. Me. Me. All me. All I see is me. The masks they changed. No they didn't. The set did. This is not that set. This is that set. The damned one. The one that they hate. The others. They just had one damned. These. These are all damned. They make me, ME. Smile at anger. Laugh at pain. Pleasure in agony. Anguish to gain. The rage. No more. No more. It has no place to be. The demons they did it. They made me do it you see. No. What am I saying. There are no demons. Just me. They called them demons. These are the real me. Another side is yet to be seen. The most frightening. The damned of them all. It be cursed. I have not been that in a long long time. But now. I will be. That is all I can be. That about the others. They are there too. They are unharmed. I love what I am. People say they lead secret lives. That they are different in reality from what they are on the internet. The internet has no face. I am different in reality. From what I am in reality. And there is just one reality. To you I am Me. To you I am me. And. To you too I am me. That is what I am. An amalgam. But I can be read. People who read me scare me. They see me. And me. And me too. That scares me. See what I show you. Not what I show you. Or you.

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