Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have been assigned on a special project. Since my senior could not complete it. I have been sent there. It should be noted however that I will not be leading the project. I will be the help. Just like my senior. We were selected. At least I am. Not because of my skill. But because of my dispensibility. Yes. It is exactly what you read it to be. The old man in charge of a project. He is an old man. Loads of experience. Nothing to show for. Likes to exert age and position. Enough said. No?

I just wanted to say that if I do not post in the next few days on a continuous basis. Think I have died during the course of the project. Also, if you know me personally. Know there will be Mutton Biryani on the first day. Prawn Biryani and Fried Fish on the second. Korma and Nan on the third. For close friends. On the second day there will be dosas and cheelay for breakfast. Nihari for dinner. On third day, pesaret and idli for breakfast. Dalcha and papar for dinner. That be all. I think. For now. It seems.

PS: I found out today
PSS: Today was/is a Sunday.

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