Friday, June 1, 2012

Something is wrong with me

Something is seriously wrong with me. Yesterday I was bordering on madness. Today I am hung over her. Madness I tell you. Utter Madness. Tomorrow I will be hung over my work. What is wrong with me. Madness. I know it is because of the pressure. Come to think of it. Maybe she too was the result of stress. What if. What if. She was never real to begin with. She was just a figment. Of my imagination. Just something I created. Because of the stress. I think I finally went mad. I will have to change my blogger name then. No more Quarter to Insane. Plain simple Insane. But. Its not catchy. Not edgy. It is definitive. Too definitive. Hmmm... What about lunaticusindefiniticus. It looks scholarly. And oldish. I just may be able to pull it off. On second though. Papers are stressing me out. The job is draining me.

Stress relieving ideas, anyone?


♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Writing is the best way to get off stress. I think you should continue doing that :) And I think Quater To Insane is just fine. No need to change it :)

quartertoinsane said...

hmmm... the idea is good. Writing it is then :)
tell me you are not joking about the name change thing... if you arn't thankyou :D