Sunday, June 10, 2012

That *****

He tricked me. He tricked me with his shaven head and that burger-ish puppy dog face. That little. I said no. Not on Sundays. Sunday mornings for family. Nae. Kuttay wala moun bana liya dash nay. Khari Mash ki daal aur parhathy bawanay thy ami say nashtay mein. Now I have to have breakfast out. Its all okay as long its a weekday. On a weekend. Why!!! Brunch. Okay good. Lunch. Good. Tea. Yea Okay. Dinner. Perfect. But not a breakfast. That little nugget headed nerd tricked me into agreeing. I'll deal with it kal ab. 

Damn, head is starting to hurt for some reason. My timetable. I fell behind. Its on a rigid. Its an outline. But still. Now I need to read through at least 40 questions before the sun rises... Pray for Me.... 


Zeebs said...

I'm going to personally mention you in my prayer. Hang tight.

quartertoinsane said...

Thank you thank you thank you for that... I really means a lot :D