Friday, July 20, 2012


So yea. I restarted my work. Sort Of. Now I'll be on the computer even longer. Not that I go away from. I am here almost every hour. Just now. I will be even more here. What was I going to write. This is happening a lot to me these days. I think of something. Then it vanishes. The indecisiveness. It really is becoming an issue. For me. Too much. I cannot decide upon anything significant. My brain won't start working. It should. Now. Like a 24 hour shop. Without any holidays. I could use some good thoughts to think. I mind is. At present. In a state of nothingness. It thinks nothing.


Not a writer, just a scribbler said...

To not think anything is such a blessing sometimes. .

quartertoinsane said...

hmmm... yea it is..