Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Criss Cross

People become very cross with me. When they ask for money and I refuse. Then they become cross again when I ask them to repay me. Why is it so hard. For People to pay back what they owe. I have been called Rude. Inconsiderate. Inhuman. And even Ungrateful. For asking my money back. I feel very crossed at that point in time. Then again. What can I do. What I usually do. But still. Its money. It affects friendships. It affects mine at least. Especially when you offset my amount. Also when you say you are not going to pay since you don't want to. It is a measly little sum. But it is a sum. Also. I am never lending money again. I thought of a good curse too. "I hope you need money and no friends lent you and the banks refuse. And you have to borrow from a soodi pathan. Then you can't pay him back. And phr who aap k saath ko ziadti kary" No wait. This is pointless. Its just Money. Just Money. It is. It is. Or Is It?

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