Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little *******

People think its easy to lie to me. Especially my younger cousins. They think they are smarter than me. They think they can hide stuff from me. Their habits. Their actions. Those idiots ignore one thing. One basic thing. I am the elder here. I have done and I never got caught. There is a reason I am scared of my elder brothers. Especially the two which have never ever been caught doing anything wrong. Like ever. They are that freaking good. Consequently, I try to avoid interacting with them. You see. Because I know that they know what to look for while looking for anything. I don't lie to them. I keep shut. I do whatever they want me to do. And then poof, I am gone. The smart ass cousins who claim they are elders but have been caught a couple of times. I do not give a damn about them. They can't catch me. But the good ones. They are dangerous. I lack their experience. But I know a few tricks. And my little cousins think they are sooooo freaking smart. Its kinda pitiful really. Lets see. Also, since I have not told these secrets to anyone. They think they got away with these. Sad little scums. One just lied about an entry exam. I mean bhenchood kisay chutia samjha hoa hai... It actually drives me mad. Kinda. Another tried to frame me last time. Those little fucktards.

PS: Also tarot readers in this city are time consuming and money gobbling. Neither of which I can afford at this moment.


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They aren't smart. You can't be smarter than an elder. The old generation is not really an elder generation, they are just old people...